Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its a Gloomy day

Well, there is so much happening to me at the moment, not that I am overwhelmed by it, in fact I am someone who likes to be immersed in her going arounds. You know, the busier it is, the happier I am, because then my stupid mind does not bring unnecessary thoughts to me. Anyway, currently I feel down, shattered, angry and frustrated like many of my Indian fellows not just because what happened in the last few days, but more because we still don’t see the much needed reform being brought in, we still don’t see the long-long slept conscience of our worthless politicians arising. Anyway, enough has already been and still being said. I only hope God gives them enough sense to implement theat. Please God, it will do even if it’s momentary, but LET THEE BE SENSIBLE.

Now this was from the nations side, but there is also a change happening from the personal front. I feel little scared of myself sometimes, because never ever in my life have I thought of what will happen to me in future, but this time I am, and this is scaring me, because its stupid to be worried about the future. It scares you, because you cant think that everything will be wonderful, because everything cant be wonderful, as life would have been perfect, and its not. So you will think about the bad things happening and that is bound to make you feel bad. So basically you will be sad about something that hasn’t happened at all!! So its very bad thinking about the future, its better to let things happen naturally, keep your head down, do your work, and leave the rest to God. Yesss..this is what I have got to do. Good that I got to it finally by writing here.

Humm..think that’s enough for today. Work Calling!!


kunal said...

hey sur,
everybody is having the same feeling even after 15 days of what had happened.. i have decided i will walk like a soldier all my life, decided i wont cow down, and i suggest you to look straight into the eyes of terror so that you can help people around you to look at it the same way.
Fear is bad. Lets not be overpowered by fear.

Inner Vision said...

There is lot of anger and frustration in me. I feel very sad for the innocent people who lost their lives for some careless behavior by the concerned authorities who had some information about this attack.

kunal said...

hey where have u lost.. no more blogs from u.. waiting for more from u