Monday, November 24, 2008


So the poem below (you know…the collection of the previous blog, if you can call it a poem that is!!) is my perception of this in this city. It’s a reflection of the fact that you feel so tiny in the vastness of this giant place and don’t even realize how much deep are you immersed into the hustle-bustle.

By the way, somehow I am finding myself in a relatively happier mood nowdays. Don’t ask me the reason, as I am always so vague with reasoning..seriously..I am like, I contemplate in my mind for several long miniutes about a thing and then get to the most obvious reason for something that others get to in seconds.. and that too..very naturally!! Anyway, that’s not the point..the point is, I am happy..and the reason might be that I shopped for some rally funky stuff this month (though I still don’t know when and how am I going to utilize I work in the boring software world where you have a proper guideline of what to wear and what not to wear!! Trust me!! It actually happens..Human Rights!!Anybody listening?? Pls HELP) whatever it is..its a nice feeling..i am up and unplugged..and I hope it stays longer..wohooooooooo

P.S-- And just now I realized, Italics irritate sooo much!! So I have chaged the style of my blog..hope it looks fine now.

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