Friday, January 9, 2009


When you are born,

Your world is so small

Mother’s lap & father’s shoulder

Is all you know of.

And then you grow up

Startled that the business of life is very mean

And before you realize

You are turned into a machine.

While you make money, drink, dance

and chill out

all you hear is noises

and Voices die out.

You don’t even know how long you’ve been pretending

Being a person, you never thought of

So why not once be your innocent self

And damn the showing of

We always portray what we wanna be

We never cherish what we actually are

We become a person of other’s want

And our true self stands far

So being yourself is not that bad

It’s mighty hard I agree

but it may well turn you on

and stand on top and bounce and flee!!!


Sourabh Chourey said...

Miss surbhi this thought is straight from the heart this is wat actually happening all around.
And it feels so good that u r still recognizing wat u r and the originality of life....
Do Keep going ....Best of luck

kunal said...

sur u wrote something what evrybody feels.. this is really a good post to read. u just told me what i have to remind myslef aways..
good going blogrolled u :)

deluded said...

and when you are re-born?


just playing with ya

Rahul said...

wow!! nicely written...

Am adding u as a friend :)

kunal said...

hey where have u gone..??