Monday, April 14, 2008

I am back!!!

Yeah..One day, I got up, inspired by a good friend, my boyfriend and my own self, and started writing bolgs. THinking to turn the world upside down by the fire within ;->> but nothing much happened and the bubble burst, like it was never tehre!! But I am back now, with a promise that I will prove to be a regular this time. I hopw with this bolg writing, I will be able to define myself some day..and yes..also achieve Selfactualization (Got it from Pricess DIaries, my recent read!!).
By the way, can someone tell me how to make your blog visited by many people(apart from writing it very intelligent and interestingly, which I dont think I am doing at present.) But please, if someone knows, let me know, how you make most poeple read your bolg..

Actually, I want more inspiration, that there is at least someone, who is listening to this undefined soul. You know, it can be a way for me to define myself!! really..

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Eat, Drink n Live said...

Keep a counter for people visiting your blog, that will help:)