Monday, December 31, 2007

First One

Yeah!! This is me, a little, young enthusiast, an optimist to the 't'. In a worls where everyone is trying to (and I think very well succeeding in), taking advantage of others, I sometimes feel totally lost. Thats the world around me where everyone is just boasting and showing off, for just that little thing he or she has done, just an otherwise routine task one has troubled for oneself and performed later on. And here am I, soo modest ,that can't even accept a praise gracefully, cant even voice what I know I have done the best... Why do I love being an anonimous? Why do I love being 'not so interested' in the routine gossip and ga-ga that goes around me? Then I feel why not!!! I am the way I am..what can I do if I dont find many things being talked around me not worthy enough to bag my intelligent comment!!

Good!! Why am I soo confused???

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