Monday, April 21, 2008

Reality shows!!

Sometimes it so happens that you know so much, and you just don't know how to put it precisely. Yup, that's what my problem is, I know everything but, how to be more assertive and present it firmly to the other person, and ther are many moments in a day, where I feel, the lack of it is killing me!!!
Anyways, let's talk about a few social issues, my favorite stream, (sometimes I feel I would have been doing better as a Sociologist!! I mean what am I doing here in IT, you know IT!!! Anyways, the rapid way, that we are changing with now, I don't think, even those big sociologist are doing their job.) For instance, what is with these reality shows!! I mean, I hardly find anything real about them. First they are (almost all of them) celebrity oriented, and don't give chances to the common people. Second, the drama quotient is such shows is so high, you start wondering, whether they are judged on the basis of their performance, or the drama that they show up there!! And finally, man!!, I find them so senseless, I mean what do we gain by constantly producing these good for nothing singers, dancers and all these so called entertainers???
When you come to think of it (if at all you care to put some thought, when you watch them) the quantities of such shows has reached so high, that they've even started kind of recycling them. Shows where, the performers of all other shows turn up, and compete once again!!And to top it all, we again have celebrities who judge them. So far I have not been able to recognize their credibility in these shows. Because, at the end, it's only the so called audience voting that decides the winner!!And you still do not know what happens at the backstage. Sometimes I think, can we take any rubbish, if it comes in from of entertainment? And does entertainment only mean senseless time pass like this? I wonder how long would it take before we come out of this intellectual drought!!

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