Friday, October 3, 2008

You are here

So, I have just finished Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan's much talked about book 'You are here'. When I first read about it (in some newspaper), I had a great anticipation of reading a book, which talks about women of our generation, something I thought I'd be able to relate to. However as I actually started reading it, I realized I was not at all able to relate to any of its characters. Then I braced myself thinking, it might be because I come from a different social background and all, but even after that, I did not find anything at all in the book, which I can even call appealing, let alone worth reading. You know all the time I was reading it, searching for one single thing which will make me say, 'yeah, its nice', but NO!! I found I was expecting too much of Ms. Madhavan, I mean for all it might just have been a random collection of hundreds of her blogs she has written over the years. Its not even a good timepass. See -- There is no story, and every time something comes up, where you sense a beginning of something interesting, it has to precede first with some random and extra long flashback of some entirely uninteresting past, and more so totally unrelated to the thing going on in present, and it all burst as it had popped up..

I am not sure thought you know, I mean I might be a little harsh, due to that fact that I was expecting too much out of it, but still I'd say, it does not account for a good reading at all, and have read some good books (HummYeah..I think I have!!)

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deluded said...

ummm yeah

thats why I watch cartoons instead

the characters may be soulless
the stories may be cliche
but at least have something moving to look at