Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Being Women

I wonder how boys can come up every time and comment on how a girl or women is looking fat, out of shape or whatever worse adjective they can come up with. And I can bet all girls, once in their life have asked a question that what is it that makes boys to comment on how a girl is looking, or rather 'should look'. I mean who are you to decide on what are the correct bodily measures for a girl? I mean they sometimes wont even show the decency of not commenting about it in public, and here, I am talking about they guys you know, like you buddy, brother or some colleague you are quite friendly with. They all have got this right about asking you a question if you get that little nanometer out of your normal frame.I can imagine what was it that made only girls to take all the pains in the world to look beautiful, and wats more, you are not considered as a appealing person if you do not do that. Never mind!! I think its just one of the endless unfair things we come across everyday, and care of give a thought about.

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