Wednesday, February 3, 2010

smoke testing

Just got to know that the term Smoke Testing got its use in IT when a piece of hardware was continuously plugged into electricity and it passed if the circuit did not burn and no smoke was produced!! Interesting, isn't it?
Few more notes from the Agile Testing book:
1) Developing a project dialect or team jargon is one of the key things tester should do. What it means is developing a common ground for communication or rather developing and facilitating a common language in which customer and team can communicate with and understand each other.

2) Agile teams are very high on expectations form return on their investments. It makes sense. Agile works in short iterations, a thing like a tool or a concept or technology, if after implementation does not return results quickly, it is left and team moves on. This is can not be considered negative when you are delivering a production ready software within two weeks.

3) Many of the agile development practices are synergistic, means they wont work as well in isolation. If they are implemented in isolation, they might not provide the benefit teams are looking for.diverse viewpoints help but its necessary for everyone to head in the same direction.

4) Another good sentence, "You need courage to allow others to make mistakes because that is the only way to learn the lesson."

BTW, ever since I reported on my blog about this book, I haven't read a single chapter!! So it might be some time before this free flow supply of cool agile advice resumes back ;)

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