Sunday, May 10, 2009


Deep in my heart it pains..
nothing like joy remains..
all I feel is ultimate despair,
tearful eyes are occasional if not rare..

I tried everything to make it work,
they laughed at me and said I was a jerk,
even to think that my efforts would succeed,
I was only as good as a second lead...

looks like mine don't catch the eye,
I do not register, any more than a passer by,
so what if my heart is of gold,
so what if its filled to the rim, with love for him many fold..

and just when I was sulking and sinking so low,
i saw him coming, his face aglow,
the passionate gleam in his eyes, that I always searched,
stopped right in my front why? I wondered..

he was talking to me, I couldn't believe,
I am always in his thoughts and do not leave,
the sparkle of my eyes, is what he can't forget,
if he wont say it now, he will always regret..

I am a person of substance,
its what he liked,
he said i was BEAUTIFUL,
and just then..i BEAUTIFIED....


prerana said...

its wonderful.....ur best till date !! good going gal !!

Rahul said...

Awesome feeling miss!..straight frm the heart.. :)
Saw u r frm TCS frm ur comment in my blog :D .. Sur, can u plz tell me approx how long we hav to wait...any rough the way, I wud like to see some of ur blogs on ur professional life at TCS...u hav any? ..Gonna read ur blogs more frequently by following you frm now... :) :)

Sourabh Chourey said...

My Goodness, This is something straight from heart anyone can feel the warmth in this poem ..Looking for some more like that...AWESOME KEEP GOING

Sourabh Chourey said...

Your blog is looking so fresh and cute just like you and your poem's are making it more cuter...:)

Rahul said...

cool :)

Bharath Regula said...

Hi Surbhi.. saw ur post from waywework.. After reading first few lines I thought why r u copy pasting poem that u saw somewhere but it is truly amazing that u have written on ur own.. keep it up!!

deluded said...


I wish that people's lives would actually turn out that way.

pat said...

This truly was a beautiful poem - so the perfect title. So nice to find after reading technical/IT blogs all day. It's great to read something personal about real life over there...

You have real talent Surbhi... keep writing!

Sudha Rangarajan said...

hey a great poem !!
Keep them coming :) :) !!

AM said...

wah ustad wah....