Friday, May 2, 2008

I Love Google

I've never been a net savvy, considering the fact that I never had a computer of my own, but being in software induatry gives you this oppertunity of endless hours of net surfing, coz obviously you will have your own machine, obviously connected to internet, and you are obviously supposed to work on it, and obviously you will find many hours where you have nothing to do, so you will just play with it. So that's when it starts and you use google for everything ranging from tickets booking to eat-out searches. And what's so amazing is you can practically ask anything to google and it will give you a supposedly correct answer to it. I mean I have tried it all the time. Google solves nearly all questions of my life. Sometimes I feel, with almost half of the earth using it, and considering it a prt of their daily life, google has not just reamined a search engine. It has become more of a phenomena, a person who we live with, and yes... I love living with it!!!


Sharla said...

Thanks for you comment on my blog. Believe me, I used to be horrible at crafty stuff and I'm still not very good at it. My friend who sells Stampin Up! put that whole project together for me and then I just brought a few of my own things and we made it. If you'd like to be more crafty like that you should find a Stampin Up! demonstrator close to you that can help you. I know you could do it!

K.Kiran said...

I was going through Ms.X's blog who has Mr.Y's blog tagged to it,so I visited Mr.Y's blog and found your comment there and ultimately landed on "surthe fragrance",read a few posts,sounds nice.

Looking forward to your next posting,

By the way,I also waste time on updating

Have a great day,